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Young Wizards Meta
Discussion of the YW universe: the generalities and the specifics
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YW Readings, Reviews, Analysis
Views of the YW universe from outside
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Phil Boswell
The Books
YW Series Overview
Thoughts about all the books taken together, story arcs, etc.
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30 595
So You Want To Be A Wizard?
A book in a library, a shadow over Manhattan, and the beginning of "a beautiful friendship"...
Topics: 48 Posts: 1,339
48 1,339
Deep Wizardry
Water and whales... and why when you've met Ed, "a bigger boat" won't help at all.
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35 760
High Wizardry
Or how finding Darth Vader may be the least of your worries.
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A Wizard Abroad
The Emerald Isle's particular strain of wizardry, and a not very restful vacation for Nita...
Topics: 32 Posts: 748
Last Post: Do you hate Ronan?
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The Wizard's Dilemma
The do's and don'ts of messing around with your internal universe: and coping when the world turns upside down...
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A Wizard Alone
An Ordeal that goes on much too long...while another, more personal ordeal plays itself out.
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19 418
by Tuttle
Wizard's Holiday
Some guests in the Callahan basement...but what guests. And a vacation on another world...or is it?
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Last Post: Alaalu
41 811
Wizards at War
A loss of wizardry, a Power in danger of being revealed too soon, and one Whose time has come...
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88 1,897
W@W Spoiler Area (40/1,176)
A Wizard of Mars
Wizardry on the next planet out... and what happens when you get tangled up in it.
Topics: 69 Posts: 843
69 843
Interim Errantry
The book in between the books, containing "Not On My Patch", "How Lovely Are Thy Branches", and "Lifeboats"
Topics: 3 Posts: 17
Last Post: Tales of Ordeals
3 17
by S.M.F.
Lifeboats (1/13)
Games Wizards Play
Helping out at a competition for other young wizards at home on Earth... it should be a party, right? Right?... WARNING: This is a NON-SPOILER area. Please use the SPOILER AREA below for spoilery discussions.
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Darryl's Manual
Forthcoming YW Books
Speculation about what happens next.
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24 823
Other YW-Universe Works
Long and short works outside of the "main sequence", both canonical and non-.
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Lazy Leopard
The "Playroom"
Young Wizards Meta
Of various kinds...
Topics: 397 Posts: 7,084
Last Post: Timeline Issues
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The NitPickery (37/431)
Miscellaneous Issues (115/2,342)
YW Ebooks (12/26)
The Errantry Concordance
Discussion about the online reference
Topics: 65 Posts: 101
Last Post: Philco Predicta
65 101
by Newsbot
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25 100
YW Elsewhere
Discussions of YW business elsewhere online, in publication, media, multimedia, and what have you...
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Wizardry Abroad (10/49)
Random Thoughts from the Author
Diane talks (a little) about the books, and various other things.
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The Crossings
Other Books
Fiction or nonfiction: discussion of non-YW literaria of every kind
Topics: 76 Posts: 5,003
Last Post: Ebook Readers?
76 5,003
Kathy Li
Questions and discussions about writing in general
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12 320
Media: Film and TV
For discussion of favorite movies and TV series
Topics: 34 Posts: 1,730
Last Post: Television
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Kathy Li
Games and Music
All kinds of gaming, from console to computer, MMORPG, what have you. And music, online and off
Topics: 34 Posts: 752
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by RK12
Comics, Animation, Manga, Anime
As well as graphic novels and cartoons: storytelling in the graphic mode
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Last Post: Anime
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Current Events / Current Affairs
Discussion of what's going on in the so-called Real World
Topics: 14 Posts: 378
Last Post: Bin Laden
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by Johnny
Science News
Neat, cool, bizarre or crazy things from the scientific world
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Last Post: Ocean Cleanup
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Mars (163/178)
Computers, Programs, Online Life
Hardware, software, the Web, the Net, and online issues
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Kathy Li
A place to talk about stuff that may only slightly involve the "Young Wizards" books (or not at all).
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Last Post: Freedom
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by Newsbot
The Topic of Great Randomness
Note: no other topics / discussions may be started in this area. (One is enough!)
Topics: 1 Posts: 13,396
1 13,396
Garrett Fitzgerald
DD's Other Work
She has some forty novels that aren't YW... as well as work in TV, movies, computer games and comics. Discuss those works here!
Topics: 23 Posts: 234
23 234
Kathy Li
YW Forum Business
Forum News
Check here for details about changes and new Forum features.
Topics: 77 Posts: 537
77 537
Diane Duane
Newbie Zone: Frequently Asked Questions and Other Stuff
New to the Forums? Want to know how things work? Say hi or find answers here.
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85 1,705
Lazy Leopard
Messages from the Forum Administrator
Posts from Lee Enfield-Burke, your senior Forum Administrator!
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Last Post: Call for moderators
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Things That Don't Work
Is some Forum feature busted or behaving strangely? Let us know.
Topics: 88 Posts: 526
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by PosiCat