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Thank you, and a worry

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  • Thank you, and a worry

    Thank you for the changes with Darryl.

    Thank you for including the intense world theory.

    Thank you for mentioning the autistic community, and for not curing Darryl at the end.

    Thank you for making it clear that Darryl was always autistic, and was diagnosed young. And for talking about what happened to him not being normal.

    But please, please keep writing him as an autistic character. Us "high functioning" people are autistic too. We can blend in sometimes, somewhat, but if you look, we're clearly autistic. Make those changes. I know its too late to say this, because the later books have been coming out. But I'm saying it anyways.

    AWAl was one of the "my books" when I was a teenager. One of the ones I read obsessively. One I knew that well.

    I was afraid of reading it because of not knowing how the changes were going to be done with Darryl. There was some stuff that was way better than I expected and some stuff that bothered me a lot.

    What's needed now is the other books. For Darryl to stay autistic in more than name.

    Because I really am autistic. I really do act differently. I really do struggle on a day to day basis, and I really do interact with people differently. I have more than a label, I have a reason for that label.

    Darryl does too.

    He shouldn't lose that.

    HFA people are autistic too.

    But really, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    We will remember you PM. And your little GingerBear.