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    Just in case you weren't on the email list, there's a new (squee!) Tale of the Five novelette ("The Levin-Gad") for sale on DD's ebook site, as well as a long-awaited announcement.

    We thought you might like to know that DD has begun a new series of Middle Kingdoms fiction in the runup to publication of The Door Into Starlight.

    The five planned Tales of the Five will each concentrate on a separate member of the core character group of the series.

    First out is a 20,000-word novelette in which Prince Herewiss undertakes a mysterious mission to Darthis, and spends the whole time in... a tavern?

    Only the Stuck Pig's indefatigable bouncer, Iras, can learn the reason why... and finds herself caught up in a kind of tavern brawl that no one's ever imagined.

    Cripes. Door into Sunset was, what, 1992? So... 26 years and counting for Door Into Starlight? I do the dance of celebration.
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