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  • I loooove Diana Wynne Jones!! I hate that they're compared to Harry Potter, because I'm a huge HP fan and would like to be able to enjoy books without being forced to compare them to Harry Potter. *sigh* Ah well. Marketing.

    Oh, and Garrett, I registered in the book group under the name eowyngirl.


    • List of random books (and series) that I like/love or have had an affect on me.

      Artemis Fowl
      Harry Potter
      Lost Years of Merlin
      Communist Manifesto
      The Prince
      Divinia Commedia (Divine Comedy)
      Deltora Quest
      The BIBLE!!!!
      Sun Bin's (&/or rather/aswell Tzu's)Art of War
      24 Strategies
      Oliver Twist
      A Collection of Grimm's Complete Fairy-tales
      Romance of the Three Kingdoms
      The Water Wheel
      The Giver
      Wheel of Time (OMG, ROBERT JORDAN, WHY DID YOU DIE?!!?!?!? )
      Plato's Republic
      The Odyssey
      Little Red Book ( a great laugh)
      Collection of Confuscian Teachings
      Troll Fell
      The Supernaturalists
      Young Wizards (obviously <3 )
      Magician series (Yay for Pug the uber magician!)
      Bartimaeous Trilogy
      Island of Doctor Moreau
      The Hobbit
      Dragon Rider
      Percy Jackson and the Olympians
      Obsidian Chronicles (KICK ASS SERIES)
      yeah. It's past midnight and I'm too tired to think of the rest so... that's all. o.o
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      • Well, Jacob, you have a lot of my favorites in that list, too.... I'll let you know which ones:

        Artemis Fowl - a favorite
        Harry Potter
        Lost Years of Merlin (only read 1 book, I believe, but I remember it was good)
        The Giver
        Young Wizards - a favorite
        [Sort of] Abarat - Big of a shaky story structure, and I took all that time to read it, and now I have to summarize it, but I have no clue how to structure my summary, so the book ripped me off in that aspect....
        Bartimaeus Trilogy - a favorite
        The Hobbitt

        I would also like to add a couple Richard Peck books: (No underline one this site? Hmm....) "Fair Weather" (About a girl and her family who to to the fair in Chicago in... 1898, or around there, and they're invited by their "perfect" Aunt Euterpe), and "Here Lies the Librarian", which... kind of has a deceiving title, but not entirely. That one is about Eleanor "Peewee" McGrath and her brother Jake, who live in the 1910's, and they repair automobiles.... That one has a lot of historic information in it as well. Both very, very good books.

        I'm just starting what I believe is titled, "Trapped in Cyberspace", which came out and took place in the 1970s, I believe. I'm confident that Richard Peck's stories about a hundred years ago are just as good as this story about now.
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        • No underline on this site? Hmmm...

          Book titles should be italicized, anyway. Underlining is a leftover from the days of manual typewriting, and shouldn't normally be used these days.
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          • Dai Jacob and welcome to the forums. Those are some good books you listed there. Im likeing the classics. Machivelli is always good to be versed in. Yeah i know but atleast the final book will be ghost written and we wont be left hanging. Sure it wont be as good, but better something than nothing right. though i supose the imagination is the best tool(not a book) to get the best ending.

            Garrett, i finaly got around to reading the zombie survival guide. I feel adiquitly prepared now. I picked it up after world war z. both were realy good, but totaly different.

            I read Greywalker. Cant remember the author. It was pretty good. Very refreshing and new. My only complaint is its a little fast paced for my tastes. The main charicter gets like 300000 things done every chapter. But definatly a good read.

            PS Jacob, i would sujest if you havent read it already, Jonathen Strange and Mr. Norrell. Very good read.

            PPS wow i have over 100 posts WEEEEEEe i never post so this is kinda a big thing . *Does the math* i averaged 25 posts a year which is like 2 posts a month. wow i need to post more.

            dai for now. - mike
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            • Ijvevhm's (my) commentary
              Artemis Fowl: read and loved great seiries.
              Harry Potter: obviously... good books
              Lost Years of Merlin: ummmm... i read a couple... not bad...
              Communist Manifesto: nope...
              The Prince:nope...
              Divinia Commedia (Divine Comedy):nope...
              Deltora Quest: not bad...
              The BIBLE!!!!
              Sun Bin's (&/or rather/aswell Tzu's)Art of War: nope...
              24 Strategies: nope
              Oliver Twist: nope...
              A Collection of Grimm's Complete Fairy-tales: chya!
              Romance of the Three Kingdoms: nope...
              The Water Wheel: nope...
              The Giver: the whole seiries! AMAZING!
              Wheel of Time (OMG, ROBERT JORDAN, WHY DID YOU DIE?!!?!?!? ): great books! got a little bored... took me 3 tries 2 finish the seiries... lol
              Plato's Republic: nope
              The Odyssey: BORING! ugh... hated that book...
              Little Red Book ( a great laugh): nope...
              Collection of Confuscian Teachings: maybe...
              Troll Fell: not yet...
              The Supernaturalists: YES!!!! loved this book
              Young Wizards (obviously <3 ): best seiries ever... it just seems... so... realistic too me...
              Magician series (Yay for Pug the uber magician!): hmm... nope
              Abarat (CLIVE BARKER, I LOVE YOUR ART! ): nope
              Bartimaeous Trilogy: WOOT! loved this trilogy 2!
              Island of Doctor Moreau: nope...
              The Hobbit: yep... pretty good...
              Dragon Rider: not bad...
              Percy Jackson and the Olympians: yep...
              Obsidian Chronicles (KICK ASS SERIES): nope...
              darn... i couldve sworn i read more of these books... lol
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              • So, Garrett, is the Book Club thing going ahead?

                I finished (finally) reading The Stone Key by Isobel Carmody last week, after finding it in Borders nearly a month before and having my reading interrupted by a trip to New Zealand. It was good. I thoroughly recommend her "Obernewtyn Chronicles" to anyone looking for a good read. Book four (The Keeping Place) can get a little heavy, but it was worth it - and The Stone Key is worth the wait. The best part is, that the sixth (and final) book will be coming out soon too

                Since everyone is posting lists of what books they have liked and/or read - I post this question (as lists of titles rarely do anything for discussion): Why do you like these books? And what effect have they had on you? If you didn't like the book, why?

                Harry Potter: Read, liked. In my opinion, the earlier (up to book four) books were better than the later ones here. Books three and four promised so much for the series, and to me books five and six let them down, so much. They just didn't seem to have the same feel to them.

                Deltora Quest: Read, didn't like. There was just something about them that made me not want to go back to them. I had read some of Emily Rodda's other stuff (Teen Power Inc. mainly - they've changed the title of the series now, and I can't remember what it is), and I really enjoyed them, but there was just something about these that I didn't like, but I can't pin it.

                The BIBLE!!!!: read some of it, good read, poorly edited. There are some good stories in here. And some very bad ones. Enough said before I start an argument.

                Wheel of Time: Read, liked the first three, endeavoured for the next book and a half, but couldn't get past book five. Something about it just became boring and I couldn't read it any more.


                • I just finished the Twilight series and couldn't put them down. Read it twice!
                  I suggest reading it before the movie comes out it is a great book.
                  Also I the Chronicles of Narnia is a great book, or books however you look at it. My first book was The lion, the witch and the wardrobe. It was great and i read it before the movie.
                  I'm just sayin'!


                  • I'm starting to read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.. Finally. I tried reading before, but I couldn't follow. Then I saw Becoming Jane, and I had the need to read the book. So, now I actually understand what's going on, because some of the story resembles how her life was. Just a little bit of it. Anyway, good book so far.
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                    • Aw, Emi, I love Pride & Prejudice! I just reread it a few weeks ago, and saw the 2005 movie for the first time as to find an elusive copy of the 1995 BBC version of it...*curses her library that has half the stuff in storage*

                      Right now...I'm reading a bunch of stuff by Frank Kafka for English class. However, it is some seriously strange/amusing reading. The Metamorphosis is amazing, but then again, my reading material lately has been fairly strange.

                      Going back on the Pride & Prejudice vein, I also just read two books from a trilogy that retells Pride & Prejudice from Mr. Darcy's point of view, and obviously add in a lot of new stuff as well. They're by a woman named Pamela Aidan, and I can't for the life of me remember the titles, but they're fun to read. Written in a style quite like Austen's as well. I have yet to find a copy of the third book, but I'm due for a trip to a bookstore anyway...


                      • So, I'm currently reading Foucault's Pendulum, which is kind of like The Da Vinci Code only not-dumb. I'm enjoying it, but I have to keep stopping to write down words I don't know.

                        I'm also reading a ton of Alexander McCall Smith, because I went to a signing of his, and I've finished all the The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency books, so I'm moving on now to the Portuguese Irregular Verbs, 44 Scotland Street and the Isabel Dalhousie serieses. Yes, the man writes four books a year. I enjoy this.

                        The 44 Scotland Street books, in particular, are interesting to me, because he wrote them as daily installments for a newspaper. He was inspired to do so after talking to Armistead Maupin; since that's how Maupin wrote Tales of the City for the San Francisco Chronicle.
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                        • Well, Here are some of my favorite books and series:

                          Young Wizards
                          Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians
                          Harry Potter
                          Point Blank
                          Skeleton Key
                          Eagle Strike
                          Ark Angle
                          Trickster's Choice
                          Trickster's Queen
                          All other books by Tamora Peirce(Did I spell her name right???)
                          Guardian of Ga'Hoole
                          Lord of the Rings
                          The Westing Game

                          I could come up with about 50 more if I thought about it a bit more, but these are the first ones that come to mind.

                          It is great to hear what other people are reading!
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                          • One new series I am enjoying is by Blue Balliett. The first book is called Chasing Vermeer, the second is called The Wright 3. A third is due out this month or may already be released, The Calder Game.

                            It is about 3 kids from Chicago who get involved in art-related mysteries, rather like if From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler had multiple books. My bachelor degree was in fine art, so I like the art history wrapped up in a good mystery that makes you use your brain.

                            I also am awaiting the next book by Kenneth Oppel to follow Stormbreaker, but then again, I enjoy steampunk-ish.
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                            • Slightly envious of my friend right now. Her mom is a book critic who reviews young adult books. Well she reviews the pendragon series so she gets first edition copies, before they hit the shelves. when shes done with the review she lets her daughter(my friend read them)> So my friend is reading raven rise right now before it comes out, and im cringeing. Ok i shouldent be complaining becasue she said shell let me read it tomorow, but a guy can be envious right? But the book is nice and thick looking, so it might last long enough for me to savor it. Great now im talking about the book like its a slab of meat. Sufice to say besides the new dresden a while ago, no new books have realy come out that i wanted. Ill let you guys know what i think once she lets me at it.
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                              • Originally posted by magicalmike:
                                But the book is nice and thick looking, so it might last long enough for me to savor it. Great now im talking about the book like its a slab of meat.
                                That's a good one. It sure had me cracking up. Anyways, I might as well post it here. I'm now reading Hogfather. Yay! Another Terry Pratchett book! This one's about Death. The back pretty much states questions why Death is in place of the Hogfather...
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