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  • I picked up a copy of Terry Pratchett's last Discworld novel yesterday. While the cover price is twenty quid, everywhere seems to have it on sale for half that. It's a Tiffany Aching story called "The Shephed's Crown". No spoilers please.
    -- Rick.


    • Shepherd's Crown made me cry and laugh a lot. DD spoiled it for me a little by tweeting a link to a Guardian review that mentioned A Very Big Story Event right at the top of the review. She later deleted the tweet, but not after I went, "EEEEK!! I did not need to know that!"

      Just wanted to point out that Jim Butcher's begun a new series The Cinder Spires, and the first volume, The Aeronaut's Windlass is out in hardcover. I've only just started it, but it looks like the usual Butcher fun'n'games, and I've missed him writing non-Dresden stuff ever since the Codex Alera seriesended.

      Also pointing out that the third of Sharon Shinn's Elemental Blessings series, Jeweled Fire (Corene's story) is coming out in hardcover November 3.

      Other than that, I've had a blast and a half discovering Mary Robinette Kowal and her Glamourist series. It's Regency-set fantasy. Five volumes. And she's taking a break from Mary and Vincent for a while. Her next one, Ghost Talkers,
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