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  • Consoles: Nintendo Wii

    Anyone tried Wii Fit? My dad got one from his boss for Christmas.

    We all really like it. It's really cool to interact with video games through movement! It's also a big help to your body. You can do yoga, strength training, aerobics, and balance games. We do yoga in my theater class often, and I really like that, so I'm really glad to be able to learn new poses and have the balance board sense that I'm doing them right!

    It's also amazing how we think we're so well balanced... but we're not. The center of balance test that I first did was halfway between being far to the back and in the center, and a little bit to the left. This is the same for my parents! I started doing the "neutral position" from Theater when testing my center of balance, and it's getting better. Between my knowledge from Theater class and the Wii Fit, I'm always thinking about my posture (particularly realizing how terrible it is with a backpack on! ) and how to improve it.
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    Consoles: Nintendo Wii

    I know that Eric started a discussion of Wii Fit, but I don't have it, so I cannot offer an opinion. I've been wanting to start a generic Wii thread for a while now, I just keep forgetting when I'm online.

    So, this will be the place to discuss Wii games and fun stuff, maybe list what games you have and whether you like/d them or not. Oh, and I was also hoping to exchange friend codes with you guys. I guess it would be safer to PM friend codes to each other if you want to swap, rather than just posting them on the forums where guests and members can see them.

    I have Mario Kart Wii, Sonic and Mario at the Olympics, Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy, Rapala Fishing Tournament and Guitar Hero 3. Of those my favourites would be Mario Kart and Guitar Hero (although I'm getting worse at that as I get better at real guitar). Twilight Princess is fun and very pretty (I should play it again), but I'm stuck at one point that I can't get past Rapala Fishing Tournament is ok. It is amusing to play anyway. My cousin used to have Rapala Bass fishing for the PS2, and we'd tell the parents that we were going fishing in the afternoon, and they'd walk out and find us playing PS2. That reaction was amusing.

    Games that I would like to have but can't afford/justify at this moment in time: Wii Fit (I joined a real gym instead ) and Guitar Hero: World Tour (either for the Wii, or for Xbox 360, which isn't mine, but my boyfriend's). There are some other pretty nifty games out there too, but I can't think of them at the moment.
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      Awww, now my Wii Fit thread is useless. I'd move my post here and delete that thread but I can't delete it.

      So, my speech about Wii Fit stands in the Wii Fit thread....

      I also have Wii Sports (like pretty much everyone else with a Wii), Wii Play, Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy, Thrillville: Off the Rails, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08, and Animal Crossing: City Folk.

      Wii Sports and Play are fun. Some of the games are frustrating. I love Mario Kart, and I have codes for three of my friends, one of whom is unbeatable in Battle mode. Super Mario Galaxy is a great game, but I like Sunshine more. I've hardly played Tiger Woods, but I really like it when I play because it's so realistic.

      Thrillville is a great game, too. I love designing my insane roller coasters. I made a Go Kart track that goes all the way up to the hight limit and then goes straight down. The customers love it!

      Animal Crossing: City Folk... very disappointed! It's a huge repeat of Wild World for the DS. Sound effects are the same, music by the hour is the same, landscape is pretty much the same, the museum, town hall, and Able Sisters shop is the same, and so is Nook's shop.... The only big change is that you can take a bus in to the city, where you find the fortune teller, Redd's shop, etc. there on a full-time basis. The only new things are that the H.R.A. is in the city (in the DS they'd just send letters to you rating your house all the time), and there's an auction house.

      It seems as though the Nintendo-made games are going downhill. They're getting easier for me, more kiddish... and the music isn't as good.

      I'd love to see Mario Golf for the Wii. That was my favorite game for the Gamecube. It might not happen, since golf comes with Wii Sports, and there's a Wii Golf game.
      "...Some of growing up is the knitting together of our cognitive webs, and some things take time and experience to make sense...." - Taran


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        No worries. Thanks to the magic of our spanking new forum software, the admins can FINALLY merge threads. (this was, btw, the first question I asked Lee when she brought up the possibility of swapping the board software).

        Back to your regularly scheduled Wii discussion.
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          (heh) I did shorten the thread title a little, though -- so future threads dealing with consoles can just say "Consoles:" and get on with it -- and correct the spelling on Nintendo.
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            Mea maxima culpa. Merging threads actually got us Eric's thread's title, and I screwed up trying to switch it back to Alla's. Silly silly mod, doing this in the wee hours of the morning on not enough sleep and/or caffeine.
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              I have Wii Fit now Its great fun - and surprisingly challenging. I like the HulaHoop games and the Tightrope one is fun too. I am hoping that this will actually help me get a bit fitter. Has anyone tried the "Wii Fit Plus" or any of the other games that involve the Balance Board?

              I was also wondering, if anyone else out there would want to share Wii codes and/or battle it off over the internet in Mario Kart I am now at home most days with not very much to do.


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                we got one it was in a box that said everyone our mom had me and my older brother open it haven't used it yet i hope your right about the posture thing because i always lean forward when reading which isn't good but i can't seem to stop it so i really hope your right! have no clue what games came with it if any idk the box had a few pics one was of the yoga game so one question do we have to buy games or does it come with some like programmed into the balance board because that's all i saw come out of the box.
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                  I've had my Wii for a couple years now. I don't really play it much now that I have a Xbox360 but i still play a few games. My favorite is Red Steel which is a shooting game and Wii sports is pretty good as well. I can't wait until Red Steel 2 comes out early next year.
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                    My brother got a wii this Christmas from my parents and he is overjoyed to have it and he was playing Mario the whole of the remaining day and the next day too. He even ate his food there itself. I have clicked some pictures of him in action. This tell that the wii is still in the market along with the likes of Xbox and PS3.
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                      We have a Wii. I love using it for buying games off the Wii Shop Channel - I haven't played Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars in years! It was great to find some old favorites and play through them.

                      As far as hardcopy Wii games, we have Wii Sports and Play, Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World... and my stepbrother still hasn't returned our friend's copy of Metroid Prime 3. :P

                      I love Twilight Princess but I've always been bad at Zelda games so I haven't done well with it. Reminds me a lot of Ocarina of Time, which is good. I like Sports and Play when I want something silly and fun to do - tennis and cow-riding and fishing win majortime. I kind of want to get Sports Resort just for kendo - so I can beat someone else up with a shinai without getting/giving bruises Shinai HURT in real life. Even through bogu armor. Tales of Symphonia is great unless I'm comparing it to the original game. Then I'm just sad because I loved the original so much and because the short playtime with and new voices for old characters are... disappointing. I want my ShilohStrong!Zelos back! But hey, his wings are now canon and he's still awesome so I'm happy The other games are fine but I don't play them much.

                      I want to get Wii Fit - is the original at any sort of discount now because it's been out for so long and Plus is out? I unfortunately don't have $80 to bust on a video game and that's what it cost when it came out if I remember correctly... maybe I can find it at McKay's or something. Do they sell some copies of Wii Fit separately from the balance boards? Because if I can find a board for cheaper at McKay's, I am snapping it up and I don't want to get two boards.


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                        I download Tetris Party and I love it! It's weird using the Balance Board to maneuver the pieces (don't remember what they're called).

                        We got the originial Wii Fit, and overused it, and now all of us never use it anymore. Too much of a good thing, I guess.... I got WF Plus for Christmas. I wasn't too impressed with how they threw all the new activities in one category. I do like the pet weighing, though, although it's impossible with a 90-pound Labrador because I shake too much when holding him. One of our cats, Reese, weighs about 15 ponds (he's a big cat, and fat), and we haven't weighed Timmy yet (he's also a big cat, but slender).
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                          I have super smash bros brawl and pokemon battle revolution and some other gamecube games I've seen wii fit and didn't buy it do you think I should also I have pokemon platinum and pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky