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Some friendly criticism, please.

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  • Some friendly criticism, please.

    I drew my first piece of YW fan art the other week, and as I recently bought a scanner I thought I would post it. Unfortunately, as I haven't had the scanner long and the instruction manual and software are all in Japanese and so I don't know what I'm doing, the image came out kinda wishy-washy. Couldn't seem to enhance the colours either. I'm a real newbie at graphics.
    Anyway, here it is: Nita fan art
    What do you think? She doesn't look much like my mental picture of Nita, but she may look like someone else's.

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    I like the pastel look of the colours, whether it was intentional or not.

    I'm not sure what my mental picture of Nita is (apart from the cover of TWD), but she looks Ok to me - maybe a bit more Dairine than Nita. The moon shirt reminds me of a line from WAW.

    Also, the scanned version seems to have red hair like Dairine, not brown/light brown hair like Nita.
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      That's like really good. But, I gotta kinda agree with PM, That'd make a good Dairine. Prolly.

      Your soo lucky ya have a scanner, I still gotta get one...I tried drawing Roshaun and Dairine in Paint. It's in the W@W secret forum in the W@W Fanart topic.

      Actually I envy anyone who has a scanner...oh well. Nice drawing. Later.


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        Well, no one has pointed out the serious flaws in perception, so I guess they are not as obvious as I think they are. Personally, I think my drawings resemble Ancient Egyptian artwork, especially around the shoulders. Far too stiff.

        I drew another piece of fan art. Yes, I know the face looks demented. I drew it on low-quality paper, which wrinkled, and I couldn't flatten it out long enough to scan it.
        Dairine fan art


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          Space Cadet, your picture is amazing! *huggles* I want a scanner so bad... there's only so much you can do without one, even with programs like photoshop & a stylus.

          I don't do the constructive critism stuff. Yeah, I can't take it myself, so...
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            You have a scanner?! Lucky! I'm gonna have to give my art to my friend who will scan it for me...

            I really like your style of drawing, but I do think they should have longer hair....


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              I LOVE THE ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is just so perfect and shows what Nita "should" look like... I am insane I know but I like it I like it! I just love how you did it...I can't think of anything else to say other than your art is greatgreat


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                Thanks Monkey, there were enough exclamation marks there to put a really big smile on my face

                Sakura, I agree that Nita's hair should have been longer. It was one of the reasons why she did not look like my mental picture of her. Unfortunately, from what I'd already drawn, I couldn't make her hair any longer without it sticking out something awful. As for Dairine, I've always seen her with hair that length. I think it came from the description of her in DW. (Don't have it with me, so I can't check).

                Gryphon, do you have a stylus? I just bought one, and I haven't quite got the hang of it yet. Any tips?


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                  Yeah. I don't know what I can say about a stylus. You hold it like a pencil and scribble like mad on a tablet. For programs to go with it, I have Corel Painter IX, but I use Adobe Photoshop CS. What some people do is draw by hand, scan it, and then color it in with photoshop. I'd tell you more about that, but I don't have a scanner, so... But uses scanning + photoshop for almost everything she does.
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                    OH MY G !!!!!!!!!!NITA IS SOOO COOL LOOKING~!!!!AND SOO IS DARINE.I sooo Love Nita's shirt!!!!
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                      Whee! I like. I have to agree that the first does look a bit more like Dairine than Nita.
                      The second seems very much Dairine, though! That expression is definitely her.
                      Very nice work.
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                        Those really good!,even if Nita's hair is too red. I have a scanner and it only cost about $100 US. It's a Visioneer Paperport OneTouch.
                        I was just about to say you all could PM me your pics and I'd scan them when i Realised the little flaw in my plan!


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                          Lol, yeah, there is a bit of a problem there...
                          Gorgeous picture. If I tried to draw something that good...well, I can't.
                          *sigh* I wish I had a scanner. Most of my better drawings are in black and white, for some reason, even though I like colour pictures better.
                          But if I really want a work of art, I usually stick with my computer. That way I don't necessarily have to do the colouring and shading myself.
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                            New piece of fanart!

                            I'm not a big fan of Ronan's, but I drew him anyway: here.

                            (Sorry Kit, I will draw you one day, its just that I am afraid I will make you look like an adult or a girl)

                            I was a bit lazy with the colouring. Ronan has no skin tone whatsoever, and his hair and shirt are block colours. Here is an early sketch, if anyone wants to colour him in.


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                              I like the Ronan, though I pictued him just a little different. Who doesn't?
                              I luff Nita, except for her hair. I didn't really like Dairine however, but I suppose it's because I pictured her with curly-ish hair, a Stars Wars or some kind of black shirt, and army pants. But that view's been like that for how many years? Sorry if I sound a bit mean, thats just what I pictured her like. But you are an awesome drawer anyway, so it doesn't matter! Yay for totally awexome artists! (hah, I origionally had drawers, but it sounded like I was talking about boxers or a...a..uh, one of those chest thingies you put clothes into. urk, I can't remember!!)
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