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  • Dai, cousins.

    The music degree continues, but slowly. I'm still at the University after 5 years, which ties it for the longest job I've held - my work history has been a bit scattered.

    I play clarinet in the Brewer Hometown Band as well as the Bangor Band, one of the oldest community bands in the country (we played in the Civil War).

    My wife is 5 years cancer-free, after surgery and a few sessions of chemo. She plays in both bands with me, and Ael joins us in Brewer.

    Guess that's all for the moment. Hope everyone is doing alright.
    "...and that's how Snuggles the hamster learned that yes, things COULD always get worse."

    "You are the most insolent child I have ever had the misfortune to teach." "Thank you."