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Forum upgrade to v. 4.1.4 coming

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  • Forum upgrade to v. 4.1.4 coming

    I'm going to be posting this message in a few places to be sure that people see it.

    DD has advised me that she has some new subscription material that's going to be ready to go up here in a short time -- she'll be advising about the timetable shortly at Out of Ambit and on the YW news and events weblog -- so we're going to take this opportunity to install the new version of the Forum software that's just dropped from vBulletin.

    Version 4.1.4 apparently addresses many bugs and problems with the present software and includes better rich-text formatting while in message composition. (See the details here.)

    The timing of the upgrade is still a little up in the air, but it will probably happen early (UK/Irish time) on Monday June 20 or Tuesday June 21. The Forums will naturally be closed during the installation period as we take database backups and install the new files. As soon as I have a better sense of the exact timing, I'll post a message here.

    Also please note that if you're using one of the custom design/display templates, there's always a possibility it may malfunction as a result of the upgrade. If this happens, let me know and I'll look into it.

    Thanks, all!
    Lee / Forum Administrator