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Fanart sketches: Nita, Dairine, Spot

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  • Fanart sketches: Nita, Dairine, Spot

    Aiight. I was having trouble deciding if I should just link to the art, or post it here, as I have seen it done both ways while perusing the board. What made up my mind was that I've posted them to my LJ, and they are hosted in my person gallery but... not all of the content in those places is appropriate for young eyes, so direct posting it is! If it is a problem please advise.

    This was supposed to be Nita because in the cover for the old-school Support Your Local Wizard compendium she is depicted with red hair. Hence, I've always thought of her that way. Just think of her as Dairine, though.

    That little blob in the lower left is Spot! And those are supposed to be multiple little arms he is flailing away with. Nita and Dairine (the Runt!).

    This are sketches done with Micron pens (I use 03 for base, 005 for details like hair and 08 for emphasis lines). Colored sketchy-style with Copics for funsies.

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    I like the hair detail and the clothing creases on the first one, especially about the knees. I haven't quite got the hang of fabric dynamics yet . . .


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      Hay, I like it a lot, but maby u could Put one of just Nita with her hair done up or somthing and have her in her mini-skirt. It would make all of us material girls feel more like she is haw she is supposed to be in the later books.
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        Spot is so cute! I love the integrated-circuit-like legs.


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          Hey there! How's it going? Welcome to the forums. Checked out the FAQ's yet? I'm Gigo, but everybody just calls me Wildflower .

          Nice drawings! I'm pretty sure that there are no rules against posting ridiculously large pictures (It's pretty much common sense, but you'd be amazed), so it's nice to see some -smaller- pictures once in a while. Links are always nice, though.

          Anyways, that's all I wanted to say. Stick on the right side of the circle, don't do anything I would do, and you'll be fine for the most part.

          ...Hey, look at that! I didn't explode.


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            Actually, the first thing I did was read a bunch of FAQs! However, it didn't solve my posting dilemma. It said to be considerate of bandwidth but it wasn't specific (that I noticed) on whether or not fanart should be posted in-thread. My experience with other forums has always been that in-thread was preferred, and then I had a concern about linking back to a hosting that would have easily accessible non-PG material... If I post art in-thread again I'll be sure to make the file small though!


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              I don't think there's a problem with posting art in-thread, as long as it's a) in the Fan Art Forum (which was created to showcase fan art), b) on-topic in the thread, and c) reasonably sized.

              If you need to show everybody fan art that's 100s of MBs, rather than KBs, though, then probably better to host elsewhere and link. ;-)

              I really like the sketchy style and the colors. Very nice!
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                I'm Gigo, but everybody just calls me Wildflower .


                *raises eyebrows, looks at Gigo pointedly, snickers*

                We're not the same person, for the record. We're not even related, we don't live near each other, Gigo's a guy... you get the point.

                :P Welcome to the forums, I'm wildflower, but everyone just calls me <STRIKE>Gigo</STRIKE> wf.

                And nice fanart, by the way! :P


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                  Obviously, we have a similar idea on how Nita's jawline is atleast. In the first three books, she reminds me of myself; one who dresses for comfort, not style.

                  I discovered the series like, -what? two days ago?- and have only gotten to High Wiardry. Now I'm grounded from both buying and checking out books, so, until my math grade is better, I'm gonna be stuck on waiting for my chance to read book 4.

                  (I love my avii! Took three days to make!)
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                    Wait: your parents punish you by prohibiting you from buying books? Wow, that really sucks.
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                      I adore your style!


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                        Wow great job! I love it!!! I LOVE Dairines expression () lol!! Haha! Nice!!! You should draw more!


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                          They're really beautiful, especially the top picture of Dairine. It's just right.
                          The taller girl in the bottom picture is more my idea of how Nita looks, but I don't think the attitude is quite right. (It feels too cartoon-y. One doesn't just push aside Dairine unless one is prepared for the consequences.) The clothing is just right, although the bare feet are sort of strange. I'm very particular about feet.Oh! Can't have that, he's the best. I love the way he looks frantic without needing an expression.


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                            Originally posted by nita2011 View Post
                            Hay, I like it a lot, but maby u could Put one of just Nita with her hair done up or somthing and have her in her mini-skirt. It would make all of us material girls feel more like she is haw she is supposed to be in the later books.
                            There are some pictures with Nita like that-- but just to clarify something for myself at least if not for others, didn't Nita kinda give up on the skirt thingy after the flop in Wizard's Dilemma? Remember, everyone was making fun of her, and then in A Wizard Of Mars, Carmela comments on how Nita's always wearing "those ugly old faded jeans" or something like that, so I just assumed that Nita had gone back to her old T-shirt-and-jeans repertoire.

                            Am I wrong about this?