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    I wanted to know if any of you guys liked doing fanfics or any stories, and what they are about. You can make your own, or anyone can help. You can make happen what you want, if you don't like the way DD make it. I just thought it might be fun! It helps your writing too.
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    Hi willowtree

    There are YW Fanfic people out there; there's some stuff on (did a quick search), and it pops up on livejournal every now and then. There's a YW community on livejournal too.

    I'm not a big fan of writing/reading fanfic - I can count the number of them that I have written and read on one hand. Most of the ones that I have encountered are poorly written and do the characters no justice. The better ones that I have read are the ones where people take the world and play in it, rather than trying to write with the established characters.

    As a board, we're not allowed to write fanfiction of any kind here, as DD Herself visits, and there's legal issues if she reads fanfiction. The explanation of it is over here in the FAQs.

    Edit: Oh, and there's also Wizards on Call, which was fun. I'll see if I can find you a link and edit it back in here.
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      That's way too bad.
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      ~Lover of great books ever since she could read~


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        Camwyn's fics

        Did someone say fanfic? :-)

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          *laughs* Still a bit leery of Harry Potter fandom, me.

          As for YW fanfic writers, I count myself as one of them, though they're a bit tucked away in my LiveJournal. Muses being as they are, the few ideas I'm working on right now (slowly, but steadily) are crossovers a la the Man in the Bar cameo. YW has also many openings for exploring secondary characters like Gigo and S'ree; it's surprised me that there weren't more like these.

          Curiously enough, I find lyrical prose lends itself well to fanficcing in the YW universe, especially. If only in my mind.
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            Originally posted by willowtree View Post
            ...It helps your writing too.
            Well, different people have different opinions about that. My personal take is that if you still need the training wheels, fanfic can be great. But at a certain point, relying on someone else's imagination to create the world/characters/situations/setting starts getting to be a crutch, and you really really really want to try Rolling Your Own. Because the longer you go without building up those specific writing muscles, the weaker your own stuff is gonna get.

            George R.R. Martin once made the analogy that fanfiction is to fiction what paint-by-number kits are to painting. There's nothing wrong with paint-by-number kits, and you can do some creative things with them (like, not following the color guidelines laid out), but overall, it's not the same thing as actually learning draftsmanship, perspective, anatomy and painting technique.

            That's way too bad.
            Again, a different opinion. I'm willing to give up sharing of my own paltry literary efforts for a chance to hear directly from the author (not to mention her asking us what we wanted to see in the next books) and having her show up in chat. The Harry Potter fans don't get that.
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              I also feel that writing fanfics can be an extremely interesting exercise in character developement. If you want to go really in depth with a character and you already have one that you like from a book, it can be an easier jumping off point to start by examining an idiosynchracy in that character.
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                Did someone say fanfic? :-)
                Yes, Garret. I think they did say fanfic! *cheers and dances in little happy circle*

                I love writing fanfic's. it's so helpful for me. I go back sometimes and I see my old stories and I'm all: "Bleh, I wrote that? It's so poorly written!" And I read all of them and I see how much I've progressed. It makes me so happy!

                But I think I still have a long, and I mean LONG, way to go. Even though I'm one of the most best writers of the class, I think there is much room for improvement!

                There always is.
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                  I'm on I wrote a couple for YW, but I have a few for Twilight. I kind of like writing fanfiction when I want to get away from my original fiction stories. It helps me... um... relax I guess. Haha. There's no other way to explain it. My screen name on there is gracefullyme1025. I'm in no way plugging in my stories, but if you want to check them out by all means.
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                    Emi: Yeah, fanfiction is very... relaxing! I heard one person say, once, "Well, it's either this or stress therapy; and fanfiction is more fun..."

                    Heheh, I'm on as well... I wrote a few for YW, but two of them are songfics... I'm working on one for Twilight, right now. I'm Techno-Poet, if anyone wants to look me up. Not that anyone has to or anything... heheh...

                    Ha, I enjoy reading fanfiction just as much as writing it... I've read every single story in the YW archives on ff.n... (haha, that took a while to read... but it was worth it!)
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                      It's awesome that other people like writing fanfics too!
                      I wrote a couple for Harry Potter, but then I stopped because it felt like I was cheating. I also started one for Inkdeath in my head.
                      I'm the best writer in my class, (if I do say so myself), but I still love doing fanfics and the way it lets me make up stories without them being a full time job. But sometimes it does feel like cheating.
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                        I don't mind writing fanfic, but I haven't posted it anywhere yet. Mostly I'm really just too lazy to find the appropriate forum that isn't, format it accordingly, post it and so forth. So it sits on my computer and every so often I go through and refine it so that I clean up the language and so forth.


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                          The closest I've come to fanfic in the last few years is hosting theme-based Mafia/Vampire* games. My next turn to host is in a few weeks and I'm doing a Young Wizards theme; it's been a lot of fun assigning special roles, but a little harder explaining the theme without bogging people down with details. Maybe I'll post a link when it's finished. :3
                          Of course, if anyone feels like proofreading for me, I would be much obliged.

                          * - basically, it's a forum game. Most players are "villagers" and there are a few "vampires". Every day, the villagers debate over who is a vampire and choose a person to stake/kill. Every night, the vampires strike and kill a player. Villagers win when they kill the vamps, vamps win when they kill the villagers. There are sometimes "special roles", like a Seer, Vigilante, or Healer. More info here. (<- wikipedia).
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                            I know that game, Jacq! We play it in an internet roleplay community I'm in. I'm pretty familiar with the rules, so if you wanted me to read over it, I could.

                   I probably just outed what game I'm in too.


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                              Hey, does anyone have any good characters?

                              I have a girl named Surya (sir-eye-a) who is 16... she's an Indian who moved to London, England and attends a magic school, and her sister works there. She likes Henry.

                              There's a girl named Klara who is also 16, and has lived in London all her life with her brother Henry. She attends the same school as Surya, and are best friends.

                              There is Henry, who is 17. He's Klara's brother and likes Surya. his best friend is Simon

                              Simon is 17 and is best friends with Henry. I haven't thought of a background for him, but he likes Klara and she calls him Sim (rhymes with him).

                              I also have a girl named Saphire Twist. She is 17 and does not fit in with the other people, but i think she is awesome!!!
                              "Just how have I failed to notice Neets is hot?" ~Kit

                              ~Lover of great books ever since she could read~