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Background: About the New Millennium editions

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  • Background: About the New Millennium editions

    I blogged about this the other day, and it seemed right that there should be a copy of the full message here.

    (Though the two pertinent messages are: this one, at the new Ebooks Direct bookstore at, and this one, at Out of Ambit.
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    I think the updating thing is kind of cool - I have had friends coming to me asking me how many years had passed in the timeline, and it was a bit difficult to answer, haha.

    As for questions I have two: Will the new millennium editions be published as paper books as well as ebooks? And also, will the ebooks someday be available in PDF? My ebook reader can only read PDFs, and I would enjoy reading the new editions, to see if I can spot all the changes. :P
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        I noticed a small tweak in the "classic" e-book version of the end, Nita asks Joanne Virella if she wants to come over, the response in the original (as far as I can remember) "Why would I want to go to your house, you dont even have a color TV!" The new version "Why would I want to go to your house, you dont even have a WIDE-SCREEN TV!"

        It was really jarring the first time I read the e-book version...but I guess it makes sense, kids today never had to suffer with a black and white TV in their youth!


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          September 1 2011?

          OK - so the tentative release date on the ebook store website still says September 1st. Is there a new tentative date for SYWTBAW Millenium edition?


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            I'd like to second that, actually. I remember back in June when it was pushed up to July, then it kind of fell by the wayside.


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              Sounds quite fascinating, Can't wait till they're out in physical format! (and the space on my bookshelves to then shrink a few feet)
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