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    The one of Nita was fantastic, though I have to say it looked a little more like Dair to me. However, i didnt like the ones of Dair and Ronan as much, they were well drawn and characterized, but I think that maybe Ronan's chin should be somewhat wider. Other than that, Ronan looked really good. Though I always have imagined him... tougher looking. Other than that, you are an amazing artist! Draw more!



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      ok.. so space the first 1 was really really good but she had to broad shoulders like a guy..the secount 1 had the same prouabblem

      the rocan 1 rocked i liked the eyes.

      so yea happy frendly criticism
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        Nella: after looking at the picture of Ronan while not falling asleep, I agree he doesn't have enough attitude. But I haven't quite figured out how to do attitude yet. Something with the eyebrows, maybe . . .

        Ah! I was so lazy with the colouring! He does need skin pigmentation afterall . . .


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          Yay! New fanart is finally finished! I spent a week on it, so I hope you like it.

          This picture is the very first I have ever made in this style; I have not been using Photoshop for long. Therefore, I learnt as I went along. Take a good look at it and guess which character I drew first.

          If you click on the pic and zoom in, you will find that it is desktop size (1024x768). Feel free to use it (but please don't distribute it to friends etc. because I used other peoples' stock images).

          Here it is: Greetings and Defiance

          p.s. I don't know what's going on with Kit's shoes. They don't really look like something he would wear.


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            this is my fan art ... not so good but the one at the top is so so so so so so so so so so so so
            much better!

            [Edited down to link, since it was posted elsewhere on the board. Twice. --kli.]


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              Thank you, Slash.
              I think you should shrink your fanart down and turn it into your avatar.

              But, the picture at the top is really old now. What do you think of my newest one? (see my previous post)


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                I did make make the avitare but kli6 said it was too big and when I tried to get it smaller but It did not work! I can draw better then the one I did but I cant get it on the coumputer. here is one if you can see it that I drew!

                [edited to turn oversized graphics to links. --kli.]


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                  Could you please post links to pictures rather than the pictures themselves? The above images don't even fit on my screen.

                  Also, you need to learn how to shrink and rotate pictures. What program are you using? Perhaps I can tell you how to do it.


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                    I didn't get around to posting this earlier.

                    I reposted the pictures of Kit and Nita that I drew to put in the last fanart. They are bigger than they were in the wallpaper version, and with block colour backgrounds.

                    Here: Nita, Kit

                    Yeah, I know they look silly with those backgrounds. But they were sitting around on my harddrive in much larger size and better detail than I originally posted them in, so I thought I would do something with them.


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                      I love your one of Kit + Peach!! What program did you use to do those? It looks interesting.. (which probably means it's hard =P )
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                        Ooh, I like Kit too! And Peach is awesome. But seeing as this thread is 'friendly critisism'...Nita looks a tad old- maybe her hair should be moving a little, and her face slightly more delicate. The clothes are amazing. And I know critism is much easier to give than to recieve...I could never draw that! :P


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                          Thanks, guys! I did those a couple of years ago. They were part of a larger image of a scene on the Motherboard world. I used Photoshop and a pen tablet. I used temporary layers containing stock images of real people, set to about 25% opacity and toggled on and off as needed, to get the poses and the clothes folds right. Both pictures were of adults and I was trying to 'de-age' them (e.g. for Kit, I had to shrink the shoulders, shorten the legs and change the facial shape). I did Nita first, which is why she doesn't look so good. The woman in the stock image I used had much shorter hair.

                          There is no way I could have draw these without using my cheating 'tracing stock images' technique.

                          I have a confession about peach: I tried the same technique with a stock image of a parrot, but the feather patterns were too hard for me to replicate, so that's actually just the stock photo pasted in . . .


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                            *give strange look at own photoshop*

                            That is... that technique....

                            That is amazing! There is no WAY i could do that!! Oh my gosh. I would fail miserably. Ohwow. I mean, yes, I've only just gotten photoshop, but... but WOAH. I would've never thought to even do that. I mean, just, woah.

                            And for Peach.. I kinda suspected something of the sort... but it's still a nice touch. =)
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                            Won 2nd Place for Topic Of The Week 04, January, 2010!!!


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                              Photoshop can do all sorts of things that, when you don't know them you don't even know to miss them, but when you figure them out you're like "Where you BEEN all my life?!" Layer masks are my big one. I used to use the erase tool to cut things out. Make a mistake? Undo. Layer mask makes life SO much easier! Make a mistake? Switch pen colour, have another go. Seriously, if you're not familiar with layer mask, then Google a tutorial. It's an invaluable tool.


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                                If you can't afford Photoshop and need to do layers and masks, there's always the Gimp. Yay for open source.
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