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  • Young Wizards Art Project

    For my art class final, I decided to illustrate some scenes from the series. It's been way fun, though the art hasn't been turning out quite as well as I wish it would. I guess that's why I prefer working with oil paints or digital media... oh well. A lot of the quality is lacking, but it was still pretty fun to put together. I've put some descriptions and commentary in the 'artist's comments' box on DA. In any case, I'm going to post them all here. Let me know what you think!

    Spoiler Alert: Please don't go see ones that you haven't read the book for yet! It might give something away... unless you're okay with that. Then click away.

    So You Want to Be a Wizard
    Vampire Cab

    High Wizardry
    What Are You?

    Wizard's Holiday

    Wizards at War
    Light in Darkness

    A Wizard of Mars
    Just a Test
    Wecome to Mars

    And if you're all okay with it, I'll keep posting new stuff (mostly sketches and inked pages) as I make it. I've been having way too much fun with this lately, and have made a TON of sketches that I'll scan one of these days. Hopefully that will be soon, especially since those ones are better.
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    That was really great! Anything you draw/paint will undoubtedly be better than anything I could ever hope to draw/paint I can't draw to save my life, and my painting skills are even worse, so..... The picture was great! hope to see more soon!
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      Running_alone, I'm curious about how you made this. I can see the flaws on it, but if you keep working with the same media your skill will probably improve. So if it wasn't oil or digital media, what was it? Acrylic? (I like acrylic, myself. It's flexible.) Any thoughts on what you'd like to have done with it, but weren't able to?


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        I hope you do quickly draw some more. I luv your first one but I think the name isn't right for it though. I just doesn't have to do with vampires or vampire-related (bites, bloods, etc).
        A spell always works. -So You Want To Be A Wizard I wonder would it work on my sisters... hmm...


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          Nitagirl, the name refers to those pack of cabs in Manhatten in SYWTBAW. Remember how they'd eat the other cars? I think there's a page in the YW Wiki on them.

          Woah, that art is awesome! I love how everything is dark but Fred and the lights from the cab; it seems very menacing. I'm looking forward to the next in the series.


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            Nicely done I can't wait to see more of them.

            Will you be doing any from Deep Wizardry (can't help asking, since it's my favourite, and I notice it is not in the list)?


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              Hey all! Sorry it's been so long. I had to finish all these for my final, and then we had actual finals to take, and then it was Christmas... so I'm just uploading now. I've put commentary on most of the pieces. I'm also hoping to get some of my other YW stuff scanned in the next couple weeks, and I have another project I'm working on, too. Should be fun, and needs to be partially done halfway through January. Thanks for the comments!

              dorotheia: Yup, it is acrylic. Well, sort of. It's actually craft paint, because it's cheap and these painting had to be giant. I'm not sure how well the paper worked with it, but oh well. I'm not really an art major, so I didn't care as much as I probably should have. I'm much happier doing sketches and ink work, some of which I'll be uploading soon, I hope.

              alla: I love that one, too, so you'll be happy to hear that I am undertaking a HUGE project based on DW, although very different from what I've done here.
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                Just saw all the pictures ; art pieces .... it is very well-painted. I love all of them. "Welcome to Mar" I feel that one image is just like the one I imagine in my head when I first read the book.
                A spell always works. -So You Want To Be A Wizard I wonder would it work on my sisters... hmm...