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  • Alaalu IV Fanart

    I was rereading some of my favorite books over winter break, and happened to be reading Wizard's Holiday at the same time that I was playing around with making a star wallpaper in photoshop. It sort of veered off and around, and when I added the planet, I decided to make the wallpaper based off of Alaalu IV, which Nita/Kit's half of Wizard's Holiday takes place on. This was a fun project, since it was the first time I've done a photoshop without copy-pasting some element of it, and because making star fields and stuff is just fun. I was going to do more stuff with star fields but school started again so time sort of...yeah.

    This one, the original version, is a possible SPOILER for the end of Alaalu, although it doesn't really give THAT much away, unless you know what it is.


    Once I finished that, I figured that the extra effects relevant to the actual scene I was imagining might be distracting, and made a cleaner version too. This is non-spoiler, since it is basically just Alaalu floating around in space xD

    Non-spoiler version
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    Woohoo! That's fantastic. I like the Alaalid 'souls' streaking off in all directions.

    I love any YW fanart. I'm working on a pic of a Yaldiv right now, but it's not turning out as well...

    Oh, welcome to the forums, Susu! (Is it ok to shorten it to a nickname? I can type the whole thing if you want. )

    EDIT: ooh, I was clicking around in your gallery...and I love the "Saving" avatar- lol! and the BSOD screen. "Restart all of Creation..." hilarious.
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      Thanks! Susu is just fine, haha. Yeah, most of my usual wallpapers are usually based around some random idea I think is funny/neat enough xD


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        Love the pictures! I thought the non spoiler one was prettier, but that might just be me. By the way, is your avatar from My Neighbor Totoro? I love that movie!!!
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          My first thought was: "asdfjkl spaaceart" which is not the most coherent of responses, but as spaceart tends to be my favorite kind, it was reasonable. (Especially spaceart for YW. It is so prettyy!)

          There seem to be a lot of stars (is that deliberate?), but I like their shading. Alaalu is so monochromatically blue, it almost doesn't look real, but it is also very awesome looking, and I think that you shaded the planet really well.

          It looks really awesome!
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            Personally, I actually do like the non-spoiler one more, it doesn't draw away as much from those stars that was the whole reason I started messing with it in the first place xD And yes, it's from Totoro!

            Yeah, I liked spaceart too, which is why I wanted to try to make one of my own. I was going to try to make a bunch more, probably unthemed ones, just for fun, but I ran out of time (school's eating my time now).

            Trying to make the background look more realistic meant that I probably used too many layers of stars, so that's probably why they are so dense in spots. I did want a lot of stars, though, so it's partly due to that too xD

            Alaalu is a huuge planet, and mostly water except for three landmasses, so I was aiming for a big blue blob. Maybe succeeded too well...