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  • Forced writing

    Ok, people, I love to write. Really.
    Now, every year there's a book contest at our local library for grades 5-8, and so far I've won all I've entered in.

    This year, I got a late start, ,and I need a lot of time for inspiration and creative juices to work to write down this wonderful story I have spinning in my head.

    However, I hwant to take my time, so I'll prolly miss the dead line (its in like 3 days)

    And my mom is forcing me to writte it!!

    I'm mad at her, and I know its not right. She says I can't break my streak!

    Any advice on what to say? I could really use it.

    She wants the book done in 2 days!!

    just let your heart take over and sign with a flourish

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    Your mom sees you + contest as something she's proud of. She doesn't realize that in obsessing about it, she's overlooked you. Another thought: how long would she want you to continue your streak? Yeah, it's something to boast about to have won all/ the majority of the contests that you can, but... eh... does it mean that much to you? You've already won some times before, and that's enough to brag on (_if_ you'll brag). Maybe this is the year where your work is priority over another victory.

    Before, wasn't it your own want that drove you (or maybe there wasn't that much enthusiasm, but you did it anyway -- I don't know all of the background for this)? So it's a little dominating that she's now pushing you forward.

    XD Does that help at all?
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      Yeam Gryph it does. XD

      No, really, thanks a bit... I understand her P.O.V., but I really don't think winning the contest is what really matters. What matters to me is just getting my story down, and then I'll be happy.

      umm... I can only continue my strak until next year, my last year.

      heh ehh...ok, I brag a little, but I know my friends entered too, so I try not to...

      so I feel a little better...but I mean,...unk.. I can't think now..and I gotta do my homework...

      and my mom made a list (ick) Homework, piano, book shower

      just let your heart take over and sign with a flourish


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        If you don't want to, don't. There's always next year. Some people write more easily if they're forced to a deadline (witness PM and NaNoWriMo ). Some folks don't. If it would help the story to be pressure-cooked, then go for it. If it would kill it, then it's probably best not to.
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          Dang Mel. That sucks. I mean, my mom would never frce ME to wirte anything that wasn't a school assignment. To write a book in two days, TWO DAYS! The whole book you say? Well I barley got the proulogue done in two days for my book that I wrote. Let me ask you something though. Does your mom usually try to make you look good, to make herself look good??? I can help you if you answer "yes" to that question. Carmello Master sighing off!
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            Are you a fellow Wrimo, kli6?

            A book... in two days?!?!?! I finished my first NaNo novel in eleven days, and I worked hard for that, too!


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              Yes, eleven days is pretty quick! I managed 5,000 words of fanfic in one day once, but I haven't managed to write that much in NaNoWriMo. I'm just averaging about 2,000 words a day (and I missed two days).

              Mel, how long a book are you supposed to write?
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                I was GOING to do NaNoWriMo, but I had both swimming and play rehearsals going on until like halfway through November, so I didn't get home every day until like 9:30 and I left the house at 7 in the morning. I really couldn't do anymore. I just got home and went to bed. Plus I forgot until a couple days into it. It makes me sad.
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                  Ok, I'm sorry I haven't looked at my own problem in a while...I've been busy!

                  Ok, here's what happened. I went to my friend's party the day before it was due. I got a whole 4 1/2 hours of sleep, unwinded, and let myself go in a way I haven't in a long time. (wow I feel old XD) Then I came home, wrote for about 2 hours, then went to the library to drop it off like 10 minutes before it was due XD then I went back and had more fun.

                  My mom laid off, and I'm thankfull. I only had time to write a short story, but I kept the one I was writing for next year beacause IO'm hoping it's like steak...If you marinate it enough... (wow, that was my teacher's quote...I'm scared!)

                  Kli6: I do work better under pressure, but there was no help for this story

                  Max: My mom wants me to do my best, but I think at the time, she didn't understand my situation. I jsut couldn't write! Did you ever get that? Uck...btw, thanks for the sentiment!

                  A.J. (if you don't mind for the sake of not wasting typing time) (so much for that): Good, books I find, are best written when worked hard for and from the heart.

                  (O jeeze, here I go again with the cheesy-ness Disney World)

                  PM: There is no limit on how long your book is. It was origionally supposed to be no more than like 3 pages, but then they let things loose and let the kids' creative juices flow.

                  p.s. nice new avatar XD

                  *huggles all* thanks for your support and advice. IT was really nice of you guys to help me with my probvlem! *huggles again feeling mushy*

                  just let your heart take over and sign with a flourish