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Book 11: Updates, Hints, Thoughts

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  • Book 11: Updates, Hints, Thoughts

    This may be way too soon considering GWP has only just come out but I finished it in a day and I confess I'm already greedy for the next one....

    That being the case, I thought it might be nice to make a place here on the forums where people can compile any information they might hear or read pertaining to Book 11 (links, etc) just so it's all in one place and we can all stay up to date. I know Ms. Duane is active on a number of social media sites in addition to her own sites and some fan sites dedicated to the series, and it's hard (for me at least) to keep track of what news come up where, or where I might have read what.

    So far, the only thing I can recall reading about the 11th installment is that it's fully plotted and in the process of being written. Does anyone remember where that info came from?

    Also, has Duane mentioned anywhere what kind of a wait time we're looking at for the next book? I was under the impression that the long gaps between books have more to do with issues with the publishing company than with writing/editing/etc. Is that true?

    If anyone knows anything, I'd love to hear. Please and thank you!! ^^

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    The FAQ mentions books 11 and 12 here if you scroll down a bit: I'm not sure when this was updated, but I have a vague memory of it being there a while so here's hoping that means the wait won't be too long.

    The foreshadowing in GWP makes me so eager for the next one!!

    Also this tumblr post:
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      Thank you!!


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        Is this where Garret or I get all snide and start mentioning how long we've been waiting for DD to write Door Into Starlight? [grumble grumble].

        24. years. and. still. counting. And that's just since the last one. She wrote the first one before she wrote SYWTBAW?.

        At least I haven't given up all hope, like I have with waiting for GRRM to get around to writing Avalon, his grand unifying novel of the Manrealms (the novel he was finally gonna write after he quit Hollywood, when an image of some direwolf pups in the snow came to him...) Sigh.

        [grin]. Eh. It's all good eating.
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          Originally posted by Kathy Li View Post
          Is this where Garrett or I get all snide and start mentioning how long we've been waiting for DD to write Door Into Starlight? [grumble grumble].
          Oh, no, wouldn't dream of it. :-)

          Besides, Diane might get inappropriate notions about how to respond to such comments, down the lines of Lynn Flewelling's introduction to her third Nightrunners book. :-)

          ETA: Besides, I haven't been waiting quite as long as Kathy has -- somehow I missed the original publication, and it grabbed me at the library a couple of years later. :-)
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