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Wizcasts Not Existing Anymore?

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  • Wizcasts Not Existing Anymore?

    I know there's already a thread for this, but it's closed... I've been trying to access the Wizcast podcasts, but the webpage is gone.... and any other website that had the files linked, says that the files are gone, or that there is a 'file location error.' The link from doesn't do anything but bring you to the homepage, and it's kinda annoying me...

    Is there an alternate website for the Wizcasts, or is something wrong? Or is it that my computer has some error again... I've been searching for the Wizcasts for a while.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
    Dif-tor heh smusma.

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    I think it's gone. It'd been well over a year since DD had even posted she was going to add an installment, and years since an actual installment had been made. I'm guessing that with the forum move, Lee just decided to axe the old site altogether.
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      So all of the files have been deleted then? That's too bad... I was looking for the one of DD reading 'Uptown Local;' because I'd read somewhere online that there was one, but I guess I didn't find the file in time. Ah well.

      Thanks for your response, anyway!
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        Yeah. I know it's not much consolation, but if you just wanted to hear her voice, still has their interview with DD while she was writing Wizard's Dilemma.
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          Yeah, I have that interview already from the audiobook version of one of the YW books... What I was really looking for was the one wizcast where DD reads "Uptown Local." I remember reading somewhere on the YW website that there was one like that, and google confirms it... but only supplies dead links.
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            Interesting... I did have the Uptown Local reading from the wizcast, but I seem to have lost the file. I have the reading of the afterword of the 20th anniversary edition, still. I can send that to you if you private message me with your email address, if you want. Someone else might still have the 'Uptown Local' reading sitting on their computer. If anyone does, I'd be interested in getting a copy too


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              Thanks, Alla; I might do that later.

              I wonder if anyone does still have the file. I've been looking to see if any website saved it, but they all just linked directly to the file source, which is no help. Even wikipedia had a download of it, but it was just a blank mp3.
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                My copy of the Uptown Local Wizcast from iTunes still works. If it isn't still up there maybe I could send it to you. By the way, thanks for making me listen to that again, it's an awesome story.
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                  Just like mysss, I got all of the wizcast off of iTunes just because it was the easiest way for me, I couldn't get it to work the other way becasue for some reason it wouldn't downlaid right. But yes they still work just fine and I listen to them every once in a while, it's good for a road trip.
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                    Folks, just as a FYI: All the WizCast files are still in existence and are present on in the /wizcast/ directory, under their old filenames.

                    iTunes has been advised several times of the change of address of the files, but seems unable to get the message. I am still working on this problem but at the moment have no ETA on when it will be fixed.

                    For the time being, interested Forum members are welcome to download the files from these locations:

                    28_July_2005_Young_Wizards_Questions_and_Answers.m p3

                    Let me ask you, however, not to do these downloads repeatedly, as our bandwidth on the domain is not unlimited.

                    If we continue to have problems with iTunes, we're considering moving the domain to a high bandwidth web host or other hosting service whose only purpose will be to house the WizCasts. At that time they will revert to the old addresses. I'll advise everybody if/when this happens.

                    In the mean time, please do not upload the WizCast files to any online source, including YouTube. DD does not want the files made available there. If they appear there, she will contact YouTube and have them removed. This could have adverse effects for the uploader's status with YouTube... so don't do it.

                    Thanks, all.

                    (ETA: sorry, there was a typo in the July 28 filename which was causing it to produce 404's. It's fixed now.)
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                      I got a 404 on (which is the only one I've not got in my DD directory). Could it be because I wasn't logged in to
                      -- Rick.


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                        Hey, thanks for letting me know about that. There was a typo in the link. It's fixed now.
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                          Lee, I think maybe the problem with the podcast isn't the file URLs, it's the fact that the RSS link
                          ( is broken. IIRC, podcasts are defined in their database by the RSS feed URL.
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                            You can put the original URL into and find the .mp3's that way from archived copies. For example Uptown Local :
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