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A little pre-GWP tidying

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  • A little pre-GWP tidying

    Games Wizards Play.
    -- DD

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    DD, I recently saw a post of yours (I think on Tumblr?) where you posted a picture of GWP and how having the hard copy in your hands meant that it was real. Well, to me (since I always wait for paperback), seeing you post about it and getting ready for it here on the forum makes it real, so thanks!

    May I make a suggestion -- to merge the spoiler/non-spoiler areas of W@W, maybe AWoM too?
    "...Some of growing up is the knitting together of our cognitive webs, and some things take time and experience to make sense...." - Taran


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      Making things more mobile friendly would certainly be helpful! So much internet usage these days is on mobile devices, either because people are out-and-about and don't have time to pull out a laptop, or because people are choosing to use tablets over laptops. A mobile friendly template and fewer categories would be quite helpful.

      Also, squee GWP.
      We will remember you PM. And your little GingerBear.