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  • New Feature: Tweetboard

    That little tab you're seeing on the left-hand side of the page is a click-on activator for a feature called Tweetboard, which we're going to be testing for the next couple of weeks. Tweetboard will let you use Twitter to chat with other Twitter users (including those who're also YW Discussion Forum members...!) while you're in the Forums.

    It seems to be working quite well at the moment (of course we've barely started using it...). Users, please remember that this is not a chat area: it's just another way to access Twitter, and so the rest of the Tweeting world will be able to see what you say exactly as if you were using Twitter from your page there, or while using a client like Tweetdeck.

    So let's see how this works. If it runs smoothly and isn't abused, we'll keep it.

    Have fun!

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