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On the moon...and a long time ago (HW)

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  • On the moon...and a long time ago (HW)

    Two issues I have from HW.

    The first is what time Nita and Kit took off from the moon. Dairine made her copy at 4:52pm. Nita and Kit probably got to Tom adn Carl's at possibly a little after 5pm. I see the discussions at Nita's house not lasting longer than 6pm and then Nit goes to get her stuff while Kit goes home to tell his parents.

    While Nita is on the moon (beginning of ch 8), she sees that "most of North America lay in darkness" as night came through, but this is the middle of summer when, in NY, the sun sets at around 8pm. That would mean that she would have to be on the moon at least at 11pm or later for the so much of the continent to be in night.

    The second is less scientific and more blasphemous considering Diane Duane is a sci-fi/fantasy writer. In the beginning of the second chapter, she writes about Star Wars and magic "available even to untrained farm boys on distant planets in the future". We all know the iconic beginning narrative of the first Star Wars movie: "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." Luke was not in the future, but the past. Shame on Diane for being so careless!