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Further in the future (what will YW chars be doing?)

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    *snickers* You do that.

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      I think Nita would be a senior, and that would take most of her time. I could see her taking over her dads store, or doing some type of research. I think Kit would become a college professor or something like that. Dairine will undoubtedly be the next Bill Gates. Ronan will become the prime minister of Ireland.
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        Ronan: will indeed go into politics... I can see that right now...
        Nita: will become a Senior and specialize in hydro-wizardry, I think. She'll still be an oracular. For her "real world" job, she'll live in her dad's house and continue his job as a florist. And DD hinted about her becoming far more/less than human, I don't know what else to say.
        Kit: may become an Advisory but not a Senior. I dunno why; I can imagine Nita filling the Senior role, but Kit strikes me as more of the easygoing guy. This isn't a bad thing; Kit is one of my favorite characters, especially in the first book, DW, AWAl, and AWoM. Nita needs someone to balance her hardcoreishness. Wow, I just invented a new word.
        Dairine: will continue to work towards specialization in stellar dynamics. I imagine that she will do something very, very big in her work as a wizard. Will probably spend most of her adult life on another planet. (Wellakh!!) Sorry.

        Oh well, these are just my theories. I have a lot more too, but I can't post them right now... ice cream!!...