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Nita and Kit...Yes or no??

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  • That's true: Kit's not her boyfriend. But he's the only one I can see Nita possibly getting together with. And he seems like a nice person for her. That was a nice comic by the way, and very true, however I'm not sure Kit shows that kind of behavior... yet. I actually see very little signs of him drooling over her in the book... i know, sucks right? Well, at least for me it does. But you make a great point Nights Mistress.


    • I think that Nita and Kit make fantastic friends for one another. I think they'd make terrible boyfriend/girlfriend material for one another.

      The thing is, Nita and Kit are each other's best friend and they are both deeply isolated from their peers. Kit seems to be less so, thanks to AWoM stuff, but Nita's closest relationship outside of her family and wizardry is with her school counsellor. She doesn't mention anyone else in her school at all, outside of wanting to be part of the "in" group so that she get acknowledged to exist outside of her knowledge base.

      Nita and Kit work as friends because they acknowledge that the other is more than just "the short kid with an accent" or "the encyclopaedia". But this friendship means that they'd make truly sucktastic boyfriend/girlfriend material for each other because their relationship is way different. To change their relationship to one another would rob them of their closest and most important supports, and also has the rather unfortunate implication that boyfriend/girlfriends are more important than friendship, and anyone who has been through a messy breakup can tell you which one is the better one XD

      Also man, it's DD. As we saw with Ronan and Nita, she's pretty aware that adolescent relationships are made of 60% hormones and 40% complete and utter awkward fail.


      • Nita + Kit

        I really don't know what I think. Nita and Kit would be great together, but it can go two different ways. Their friendship is very special to the both of them, and as the series progress you can clearly see that. If something were to go wrong, they may never be the same again. True, they may be good enough friends to put that behind them, but it's still there, in a way. I have always wished something would happen between them, but then where would the series take us? Most of us all love the akward moments and sometimes the sweet things they say to each other. But once something like that happens... it's not as special. Theres nothing to look forward to, really. But I am a huge Nita + Kit shipper sooo.... yeah. I would love it if they got together.
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        • Nita+ Kit

          i dont know about all this. i mean, im kinda with nita13579 on that, but idk. it would kinda be awkward though because everyone knows them as being just friends. + i think that ronan has the "hots" for nita, so he would be heartbroken.
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          • Well, if the end of AWoM is any suggestion, things are gonna get interesting. Spoiler here: At the end of the book, Nita calls Kit her "Boyfriend" when confronting Aurielde (whose name I know I spelled wrong). And, I think, at least one of the other character's heard it (perhaps even Kit, but I don't think he was the one).


            • 1. Holy moly, this thread is epic. It's basically been running for as long as I've been on the forums! Amazing. (And it's been about as reliable as I have, too...)

              Originally posted by Alex Quilmane View Post
              Well, if the end of AWoM is any suggestion, things are gonna get interesting. Spoiler here: At the end of the book, Nita calls Kit her "Boyfriend" when confronting Aurielde (whose name I know I spelled wrong). And, I think, at least one of the other character's heard it (perhaps even Kit, but I don't think he was the one).
              Oh, Kit totally heard. That's what the last scene in the book is about!

              KIT: So you know that thing you called me back then? You know, when you were crushing Aurilelde with the power of your awesome and I was trapped in my evil clone/progenitor's mind and I still found time to marvel about how you were a) magnificent and b) hot like burning. Yeah so I think I heard you call me somethhing...
              NITA: *twitch* um. did I? Surely you're mistaken, although since we're exchanging compliments have I mentioned I think you're the greatest?
              KIT: Aw shucks. But don't think I'm letting you off the hook for that because...
              NITA: *tries to find a rock to hide under*
              KIT: ... because it's about time! *ducks*
              NITA: Hey remember how I can kick your ass all over the Solar System if it wouldn't speed up the heat death of the universe?

              Which is a roundabout way of saying: they're so ttly together now and I think it's kind of great, although it does make me awful nervous for the next book: such a new and exciting thing to explore, such a terrible risk of becoming a paranormal romance series. though hey, I'm sure in the next five years I'll get over it! (and also, OK, I'm really kidding. I trust DD in a way I trust few other writers to approach romance affectionately, but pragmatically.)
              Which means I must have grown as a person since I started posting here, which is sort of nice, because I don't think i felt that way back then!
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              • Ohmigosh, yes, yes, YES!!!!!! Totally, absolutley yes! i've been waiting for this for soooooo long!


                • Yes or no

                  It has to be a yes. I have wanted them to get together for ever now. I think however its not going to be as easy as we think. they both are having new feelings for each other that they dont understand fully and are shy to admit to each other.
                  The end sence was a dream, Nita's dream i dont think kit saw it. I think it will take a few more close calls until they finally realize that if not now never.
                  but they will end up together. They just have to
                  I'm just sayin'!


                  • Totally support it, man. The next few years are going to be interesting that's for sure. Makes me wonder who Carmela's gonna end up with.


                    • I've always wanted them to end up together, put now I'm not sure how it would work...I mean, it would completely mess up the balance between the characters, and I dunno, it would be VERY awkward...I mean, I simply can't imagine a first kiss, or anything of that sort: would they go on a date? and if so, would it be a normal one, or one in the next galaxy over? kissing: what's up with that? also, I think it would make all the other characters very awkward and unsure, and it would kinda ruin some of the relationships between different, what happens if (or when, i guess) they break up? would they remain friends, or not?

                      All in all, I think it WOULD be wonderfull, but mostly only in the abstract, because it just wouldn't work
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                      • not sure


                        from WaW to the long awaited Wizard of Mars I have thought that Nita and Kit getting into a relationship would be somewhat of a Grownup decision and would be a satisfying end to the Young Wizards series. However I have always been a big Ronan fan as well. Plus I don't want the series to be over at Wizard of Mars so I am not sure how I feel about that particular part of their relationship.


                        • Wizard of Mars spoilers here! You have been warned!

                          I'm most interested in seeing how it'll play out. When they finally took a step forward at the end of AWoM, I was happy, but it's also a huge cliffhanger because the most interesting part isn't how they get together but how they manage afterwards - as opposed to say, Dairine and Roshaun, who I 'ship, but I'm more interested the initial process of how they would get together (if they did!) (And all of the complications - not the same species, age difference, as well as the small problem of Roshaun, er, not being here.) But this is an N/K topic, so I'll just say: I'm all for it, but what I really, really want to see is how they manage in an established relationship. If they have one, and what happened at the end of AWoM wasn't (Powers forbid!) all just a dream . . . though come to think of it, that could be interesting too.