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  • Freedom

    Does anybody else here wish they were truly free?To be free like a eagle flying the sky without restraint or a care in the world?To be truly free....It seems it will never happen
    Meow! (^_^)
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    I do yoga, I feel free then. lmao. No, I really do want to feel free, infinate, and at peace. You can only find outer peace through inner peace!
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      Originally posted by Pop Tart Kitten:
      To be free like a eagle flying the sky without restraint or a care in the world?To be truly free....
      Nah, I think this line from the musical Pippin sums it up pretty well:

      "I'm not a river or a giant bird
      That soars to the sea
      And if I'm never tied to anything
      I'll never be free"

      I prefer the "freedom" to leave a lasting impression on the world than the freedom to live... fleetingly


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        I agree with Ardub... I don't want to have the "freedom" to be without cares, restraints, etc, etc- because that's a loss of, I guess, humanity. I know there are quite a lot of people who think humanity, as in humane, isn't all it's cracked up to be- but, well, I like it.
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          I agree with Ardub and Tui.

          The best example I can think of is my children. They do better in a structured environment. If I just let them wander the house they trash it. They have no purpose to their day and they end up doing nothing constructive. I am glad that I have things that I *have* to do. If a person ever had too much freedom, they would become a very lazy person. Even birds have limits; limits on how long they can fly, limits to how long they can go without hunting for food, and they have a drive to raise children so that their species lives on. I firmly believe that there is nothing on earth with no purpose, going aimlessly from one place to another.

          Don't you think that you would get bored just floating around in the sky? Our minds need diversity, a chance to learn new things. I heard somewhere that if you are not moving forward, you are moving backward. Life goes on, as it were, and if we don't go with it, we are in essence going backwards, for life is then moving on without us.

          Personally, the greatest achievements I have ever accomplished have come from lots of hard work, pain, suffering, and frustration. When you overcome enormous trial, there is a sense of triamph far greater, in my opinion, than you could acheive by flying like the birds. The reason I believe this is when you fly, you only accomplish flying. When you overcome barriers, you gain the knowledge and the tools to potentially accomplish something even greater.

          What is it with these people? Posing questions that make me go all philosophical.... hmm... I think they do it on purpose.
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            What kind of freedom are we talking about here?

            We are free, within the limits of our minds, bodies, and souls. At least, we can do what we can. Thankfully, we cannot do more at our present stage. It's hard enough for most of us to handle our present mortal responsibilities.

            Wittingly or not, we tend to think of freedom as license--permission to do what we wish with no regard for the consequences. It doesn't work; without consequences our decisions become meaningless and we don't develop a soul.

            The kind of freedom that means something is the freedom to make choices...good or bad...and take responsibility for those choices. It hurts. Others' choices affect us. Sometimes we make choices that close doors and just have to move on and appreciate what we have. Sometimes we make mistakes that make it very hard to make good choices. But it's priceless to know that we affect things, that our decisions and actions matter.

            Not that I'd mind having a few more opportunities or resources to work with sometimes.
            I solemnly swear I am up to no good...


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              The Buddha tells us that the root of all evil is desire.

              (I love saying that)

              If you desire to be free, then you will feel like you are not free. If you do not desire to be free, conversely, then you will become free.

              Pretty weird, huh?

              Free is a state of mind.


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                Ooooh, I love these questions.

                At first, yes, of course I would want to be ultimately free. To have no needs, no demands, no restraints... And right then is when I recoil from the thought. No! If you're as free as that, you'd have no want to be free. You'd have no wants... Wants are the push and shove, the motivation of human life. I rejoice in reality; I love every bit of it. Ultimate freedom releases you from the grasp of reality. Reality stand for everything real. The joys and excitement, death, greif, sorrow, and pain. I hate books where life isn't as harsh or real as it really is for the characters. Their life, no matter how great their accomplishments may be, is pointless.

                To be truly free like Pot Tart Kitten said... Well, you'd have to think past the three seconds of visualizing what she said. What now? You're as free as can be. What next? You're still free, being free, staying free. And now look at what I just said. Every angle of a discussion like this can be debated or shot down and built up. So... what then? What then? that's what a person would ask. What would you go for next? Well, without a care, you'd be content with what you'd have, that's what. The only problem is that you've completely altered your humanity. How we are, the majority of people who have posted before me say no. But if you were in that state of endless freedom, you would'nt care either way. I know I wouldn't want to be ultimately free like that because of all that I've said before and from many other reasons. This can go on and on. There is no solution. You only recoil from that idea because it's not how things should be. It's not humanity should be. So... what would the answer be?
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                  I agree, If freedom is being content with what you have, you won't want to try for more! But sometimes that want gets out of hand. I think one should want balance with freedom and accepting boundaries. You can accept boundaries, yet try to break them without getting to out of control. when you are content, you have no inspiration to work for more!

                  Note Gryphon: Pop Tart Kitten is a he, not a she
                  ... But he was looking through the window at the one joy from which he must be forever barred.


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                    A he, not a she? Ahhh... I'm gonna have trouble with this. I still call BiW a he.

                    Nnnn... evil french fries.

                    Poot, go away or I'll vomit on you...

                    Gigo: Hey, it's the person who puts 'asian' in 'caucasian'. Hi, Gryph. | | | wildflower: Hmm... should I side with "Gryph is more insane" based on conclusive evidence, or "Sharky is more insane" based on tradition? | | | [url="http://mariposa-mentiro


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                      The [[Ailurin]] term for human beings, both individually and as a species.

                      ([[TBONWM]], [[OHMWS/TVTQ]], [[TBM]])



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                        EWImportBoss: Created page with " While time travel into the future is impossible for wizards except in the most unusual circumstances, occasional scraps of news do drift backwards against the prevailing dir..."

                        While time travel into the future is impossible for wizards except in the most unusual circumstances, occasional scraps of news do drift backwards against the prevailing direction of the Arrow of Time courtesy of the Powers That Be. Existing as They do outside or beyond time, the Powers are able to slip into and out of our physical universe in the same way human beings might walk into and then out of a room, observing past, present or future without having to submit Themselves to the tyranny of the local timeflow. It’s by virtue of such paratemporal insertions that Earth’s wizards have been made privy to a limited amount of information about the future of the Moon.

                        Word has come back from a little further along Earth’s most likely timelines that in the course of the century to come, a hotel complex, interpretive history center, and various other tourist amenities will almost certainly be built near the site of the first lunar landing at Mare Tranquillitatis. With this in mind, wizards — who frequently use the Moon as staging area, playground, and retreat — have informally devoted themselves to keeping the area free of any changes which would upset the scientists and explorers of the later 21st century.

                        The area in the Sea of Tranquillity which is of most interest in this regard, a circle two hundred fifty kilometers in diameter centered on Statio Tranquillitatis / Tranquillity Base, has been designated as the Lunar Heritage Area. Wizards who walk there are required to remove any trace of their own footprints (skywalking is thought to be a preferable form of transport in such an archaeologically fragile environment) and under no circumstances to disturb the footprints or other artifacts that are already there. (Some wizards, feeling strongly about one aspect or another of the remnants, have had to be reminded not to stand up the blown-over American flag at the Tranquillity Base site, and not to mess with the one-of-a-kind, abandoned Hasselblad camera.) The same cautions extend to all other landing sites, but because of the level of attention that the eventual construction projects will bring to bear on the Base area when Tranquillity Center is built, special care is being taken there to keep everything “as is”.

                        Naturally wizards go to other parts of the Moon, and when visiting such places, there’s a general agreement that it would be irresponsible to leave cultural artifacts around where anyone will ever find them. “Pack out your trash” is always the rule. But some wizards do bend the intent of the rules…probably, in some cases, a little further than they should. For example, Kit has been taken to task once or twice for some casual Lunar rock-carving which will seriously yank the chains of future conspiracy theorists if it’s not put right before it’s found. Fortunately, there are automated Manual functions that keep an ongoing log of all lunar visits, and an informal “clean-up team” checks up on visited sites and conducts occasional tidying runs.

                        The features marking the inner boundaries of the Lunar Heritage Area (progressing clockwise from the “twelve o’clock” point of the circle) are: Jansen, Dorsa Barlow (15.0° N, 31.0° E), Mons Esam (14° 36′ N / 35° 42′ E), Lawrence, Da Vinci, Aryabhata, Maskelyne (topmost and bottommost images), Rima Maskelyne, Lamont, Arago, Rimae Sosigenes, and Ross (top right image, at image’s bottom). (SYWTBAW, DW, HW, WAW, UL)

                        See also: Cone of Silence: Harmon, Robert Anson: Jura Base: Lunar Carpathians: Tycho Dome.

                        (An additional online reference, invaluable for wizards and astronomers alike, is the Clementine lunar image browser. Derived from it is the direct-access dropdown feature selector by which the above features can be imaged.)



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                          [[File:Man In The Bar The.jpg|200px|thumb|right|The Man in the Bar might have looked something like this]]During Dairine’s flight from Earth in [[HW,]] her bacon is very conclusively saved in a [[Crossings]] bar by a stranger who helps Dairine escape from the BEMs who are chasing her.

                          “So rattled was she that though she stared right at the person who was steadying her, it took her precious seconds to see him. He was built slight and strong, wearing a white shirt and sweater and a long fawn-colored jacket; a fair-haired young man with quick bright eyes and an intelligent face.” Dairine is very surprised to discover that he’s English-speaking.

                          There has been considerable speculation about this person’s identity. If the description is correct, he might look something like the man in the image to the right. He is described as being “telepathically sensitive”. But beyond this, the man is not further described in the HW text except as “just one more of the billions of hominids moving about the worlds.” However, his quick and resourceful response to Dairine’s problem suggests that he was a person with considerable experience in dealing with situations like being chased around by heavily armed aliens.

                          After the scene this man stages to help Dairine escape – thoroughly trashing one of the Crossings’ many bars to slow down the pursuing Satrachi – he apparently spends some hours in the custody of Crossings security before being released.