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  • Alaalu

    I was just wondering, will we see more of Ceks (spelling?) Alaalu in the future? I would like to see what happens to the planet and if its inhabitants have as rocky a Choice as the first Alaalids did.
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    Thats a good thought, and to be honest i didn't think much of it after words. Now you got me thinking what would happen there, and will they make the right choice.

    There really is no reason for Kit and Nita to run into anyone they knew because their all "dead" now. Not sure dead is the right word, but i don't know what the right word would be.

    So if they went to visit it would be to see how things changed. But that was supposed to take many years. Was there a time difference? I don't remember.
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      The dead have moved on, and the people have evolve into strange crab creatures...I don't think much talking will be done, in the near future.
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        Keks ... Krek?

        So I'm taking this philology class online (at Mythgard Institute - you all should check out Mythgard Institute!). And in the assigned reading for this week I come across the little bit of information that Krek is (ancient?) Greek for "man".

        So I wonder if Diane Duane choosing the name "Kek" for the crabby analogs on Alaalu had anything to do with this, as the translation of Krek could mean not "a male human" but more broadly, "sentient being" which it is implied the Keks of Alaalu will become... one day, in the future....