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Questions: A Guide to Pondering the Infinitely Strange Universe

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  • Questions: A Guide to Pondering the Infinitely Strange Universe

    So I was re-reading SYWTBAW again and I thought of this weird concept. Has anyone else ever came up with an explanation or theory?

    "Chapter 6: Entropics" has the Lone Power talking to the Michael Power over a phone, in which the Lone Power says that Nita and Kit's spells stink of the Michael Power's brand of magic and call them "operatives" and "agents". HOLD THE PHONE, but since when is there different types of magic? I mean, okay that should be fairly common sense that there's more than one type of magic, but how come this never gets brought up in any of the books? Is there like different styles of how magic operates? If I was offered magic from a different Power That Be than Michael, does it give me a different sort of manual and would I even get a manual? Is it more like a sponsorship program that the Powers That Be are the ones that vest the extra magic energy into the recipients when they offer the chance to become a wizard?

    Better idea/thought: does this give the differences between sorcery and magician vs. wizard or witch? Like as if each Power That Be is a different brand of magic entirely - the Michael Power is in charge of the wizards, the Wise Power is in charge of the enchanters, and somebody else is in charge of the magicians, etc...

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    I never thought of it that way before, but hey, maybe.

    My impression was more along the lines of 'moonlight and noon forged steel' (i.e. Nita's and Kit's wands, respectively) being typical of Bright/Good Powers That Be, vs. the non-light that pervades Dark Manhattan, which is typical of the Lone or Dark/Bad Power That Be.