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Nita's precogs (re: future books)

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  • Nita's precogs (re: future books)

    So I know I'm not the only one who was left feeling like there's some unfinished business re: Nita's precogs during GWP. Some of it tied into the climax, certainly, but not all of it. And the bits that didn't? Well, they've got me a little worried as to exactly what's gonna happen in future books.

    I went through and highlighted all the bits in my ebook version that I don't think we got sufficient explanation for by the end of the book, which I'll lay out here so others can look over them and see what they think. I could almost put this in the "Forthcoming books" area, but I'm gonna not bc spoilers.

    Anyway, here's what I've got! It's incredibly long, so, apologies in advance for that :P

    the "he" Kit's talking about could be Penn, but it could also be Bobo, since his reaction to needing "him" is to ask Nita to come over. When Carmela says Nita has to find them both, it sounds like she means Kit and Bobo, which...does that mean Bobo's gonna go missing at some point?

    this one might be referring to stuff that happened at the end, though again, I don't remember there being anything that Bobo specifically wasn't able to help with. my inclination is that it's something that's going to happen in future.

    GOD but this is so infuriatingly opaque. "He's going to come to his senses" whyyyy I mean, my first impression is that Kit will somehow lose interest in his and Neet's relationship/partnership, but I wouldn't call that "coming to his senses"! though I could see the LP saying that just to be entropic.

    sounds like Nita and Kit are gonna have a disagreement? or at least that Kit'll be involved in some way. "Compromise is going to be right at the heart of this one" reminds me of TWD. Actually, pretty much this whole thing reminds me of that book. Which, we saw how that turned out :/

    "If you won't walk into the fire, he'll be stuck with me, too." "And if you do get him to walk into it...then you've just managed to get somebody else to die for you, haven't you?" /cries eternally please don't hurt my babies


    also the whole "don't look at them or they'll suck out your soul" thing is both really cool and really terrifying.

    /continues crying

    Okay. so adding some pronouns we've got: "Nita finds the Simurgh, and Dairine'll find Roshaun", which makes sense given what happens at the end of the book (everyone was so happy!). "But after that they're coming for me, Neets" though This actually makes me think book 11 is going to pick off relatively soon after GWP, like HW and WaW.

    I honestly get shivers just reading this part. Regardless of how off-base I may be, it's looking like we've got some pretty intense stuff coming up, especially with:

    so...something sun-related? are the "black bees" the things that would suck out your heart if you look at them? now I'm reminded of the pullulus too... except it sounds like Carmela's the one we might end up losing

    if this is talking about Kit (which I suspect to be true) then HOW DARE YOU THREATEN KIT WHY I OUGHTA

    Carmela shaking with terror, stammering with fear of something that was about to happen. Kit, looking for her, finding her, and then suddenly and terribly falling down into darkness. (Kindle Locations 4717-4718)
    /is still crying

    OKAY wild theory time: the "black bee dementor things" have a problem and their attempts to solve it cause some Serious Problems for the gang, specifically Kit and Carmela (and Neets, obvs). and it ties into Mars somehow, and the Sun is threatened as well. and Nita ends up helping them in an unexpected way, and they help her, but they are also Bad News, so Neets isn't particularly glad abt that fact. the whole "something that's happening now" thing makes me wonder whether there isn't something going on now that we could spot if we knew where to look/what to look for. which is awesome and fun and I'm so excited for this storyline to play out, but also? want to nope a million times and possibly go hide somewhere till it's all over.

    GREAT. if that's not a precognitive event then I'll eat my own hat.

    Mars. Why does this keep coming back to Mars? (Kindle Location 4800)
    Marsso, yeah. Nita knows there's more to it, just like we do. I wonder how much she's told the others? I know Kit's heard a bit, and I think T+C may have as well? I'd have to double check. but I have a feeling they don't know everything.

    and that's all I've got! LET'S SPECULATE, COUSINS.

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    La! I had this idea to do what you just did, so now I don't have to go searching through GWP for all the pre-cog scenes, at least, not at the moment.

    I wonder though, are there pre-cog scenes from previous books that will also tie in to the next few stories?


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      Originally posted by SpacePen View Post
      I wonder though, are there pre-cog scenes from previous books that will also tie in to the next few stories?
      Ooh, good question...I wouldn't put it past DD!

      Also, this bit -

      It makes me feel incredibly ahhhhwhat, but ALSO, I kind of wondered when I was reading it if it might turn out that the LP and Nita would be working together in the future, but not in an evil way - after what happened in WaW, that was honestly the first thing that popped into my head.
      As for all the other stuff...I feel like I'll have no coherent thoughts on that at least until I go through all my sticky note flags. Which I am incredibly excited to do.


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        Ahh, thank you for this! I was gonna go back and look for all the scenes, and now I don't have to! Also yes, holy cow these scenes were creepy. Also maybe part of Kit's problem is like what's happened before? Like, he kept getting too involved in other people's brainspaces (Darryl, the Martians, etc) - so maybe he tries to relate to them (by looking in their eyes??) and he gets sucked in? Also oh no not Carmela! But it will be neat to see more of her as well.
        All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they really happened. And after you are finished reading one you feel that all that happened to you and afterwards it all belongs to you: the good and the bad, the ecstasy, the remorse, and the sorrow, the people and the places, and how the weather was.


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          Just finished the book*1 this last weekend*2, and yes, there do seem to be some serious loose ends in Nita's dreams, so I hope the next book isn't too long in coming...

          *1 ...and a very good read it was. One thing I tripped up on every time it got a mention, though; when I did structural geology at college forty years ago, the terms for describing fault planes and the 'quakes assoviated with them were "strike-slip" and "dip-slip" (with "over-thrust" and a few others for more unusual geometries), but I never ever encountered the term "slipstrike", so every time that word appeared in the book I had an almost uncontrollable urge to correct it...

          *2 I didn't find a copy for sale here in the UK until the beginning of September, and Life(tm) has been interesting of late, mostly in a good way, but in a way which didn't leave much time for reading...
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